True pesto, as Ligurian
tradition commands

Ligurian Pesto is a raw sauce made with basil used traditionally to dress pasta. Grandmothers would prepare it using a mortar and a pestle, to get an incredibly fragrant sauce, with an incredible taste. This product today is known all over the world as “pesto alla genovese”.
Our Pesto Fresco alla genovese is consistent with the traditional recipe; though it retains the same properties of the past, it is prepared using modern technology and it’s Gluten Free
Today you can get it at your doorstep, by purchasing it in our on-line store.
Try it: you’ll fall in love with its taste!

The authentic flavour of The true Pesto alla genovese
farmed in the Albenga (Savona) plain without using any chemicals
Top Quality
harvested and processed in Italy.
Only the best ingredients
when available, or else Italian garlic
Directly at your doorstep
made in an old Ligurian mill