We chose to exclusively produce Pesto Fresco, in the two “alla genovese” and “garlic-free” versions in order to ensure our products are top quality.

Pesto Fresco di Frasca & Nassa – Artisanal workshop in Loano (Savona)

The Frasca & Nassa artisanal workshop in Loano is the product of our desire to make Pesto Fresco alla genovese following the old Ligurian recipe and offer it to those who appreciate commitment, research and the true taste of this tasty and healthy Ligurian sauce.

High quality alone can ensure the survival of the old Ligurian tradition of Pesto Fresco Genovese

We believe in high quality and make it our priority, with the goal of upholding the old tradition of this Ligurian sauce, known and appreciated all over the world, and preserving the original characteristics and taste, also thanks to our selected ingredients, all made in Italy or even locally.

A close collaboration with local producers for the true Ligurian Pesto Fresco

We work with producers from the surrounding areas to source the basic ingredients to make pesto, thus further guaranteeing a truly Ligurian product, made according to the old recipe that was passed down by our grandmothers, using the most innovative technology.